• It is an automatic, electronic device that generates chlorine from salt (on-site-electrolytic-chlorination).
  • The SALTLOGIC salt water chlorinator consists of a cell, where the chlorine is produced, and a power pack, which supplies power to the cell.

Chlorine is generated by passing mildly salted water through the cell during the normal filtration cycle and is returned to the swimming pool where it acts to purify the water.

  • Salt chlorination is the healthy alternative to chlorinating your pool; the natural way.
  • No further use of granular or liquid chlorine.
  • No more red eyes and dry itchy skin.
  • Lower maintenance and lower operating costs compared to any other chlorination method.
  • Quick and easy to install.
  • The 50 Chlorinator will handle up to 50.000 liters.
  • The 100 model will sanitize larger pools up to 100.000 liters.
  • The 150 Salt Chlorinator is manufactured for swimming pools up to 150.000 liters.

Five chlorinator models are available to suit any size of residential pool.

A detailed version of SALTLOGIC warranty is available on the page support

  • Our electrode coatings are designed for 9,000 hours life span under normal operating conditions
  • Depending on operating conditions, expect to replace the cell every 3 – years
    It’s easy! After installing your salt chlorinator simply:
    • add the recommended amount of salt to your swimming pool
    • choose your desired filtration run cycles
    • choose desired chlorine output.
  • SALTLOGIC salt water chlorinators are designed to operate at salt concentrations between 3 000 parts per million and up.
  • A salt level of 5 000 ppm is optimum.
  • Sea water, by way of comparison, is about 35 000ppm.
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  • Nothing at all. SALTLOGIC salt chlorinators are overload and short circuit proof and will not be damaged at any salt level.
  • In fact, higher salt concentrations are beneficial as they increase the chlorine output and life span of the cell.
  • It’s easy! Simply check the status of the ‘add salt’ indicator on the SALTLOGIC power pack and top up with salt when the indicator is illuminated.
  • Your pool dealer will be able to test your water and advice on precise levels if desired.
  • SALTLOGIC Salt Chlorinators use sealed, self-cleaning cells that remain scale free during their operation, eliminating the need for manual scale removal.
  • However good an SALTLOGIC Salt Chlorinator is, remember it was developed to assist you with the maintenance of your swimming pool.
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  • No. Modern pool equipment materials will not be damaged by the low levels of salt used by SALTLOGIC salt chlorinators.
  • However, should your swimming pool be more than 20 years old and have visible steel piping and fittings, then these should be replaced with PVC or other suitable plastic material.


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